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Truckload Trucking

At Renegade Heavy Haul we work with many shippers in the handling of their truckload shipments. We also offer assistance to many others in helping them to match their large mark Less-than-Truckload (LTL) shipments with other large mark LTL shippers to give all parties the benefit of truckload rate structures.

It’s in every shipper’s best interest to consider whether it’s more economical to make smaller, more frequent LTL shipments or to consolidate orders into cheaper, faster truckloads. The correct answer depends on so many factors that no single rule can apply to all shippers.

When it comes to cost control, the benefits of combining LTL shipments into full truckloads seems obvious. The cost benefits can be significant enough to range from 5 to 50 percent in savings.

If you would have interest in participating in this large mark LTL matching program, please give us a call to discuss the details.

Remember, Renegade Heavy Haul specializes in LTL Trucking, Truckload Trucking, Refrigerated Trucking, Temperature-Controlled Trucking, Flatbed Trucking, Power Only Trucking, Heavy Haul Trucking, Over Dimensional Trucking, and Hazmat Trucking throughout the Continental United States and Canada.


Don’t Forget We Also Handle Less-than-Truckload Shipments!

Contact Charles Freeman at 785-215-7064.


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Quote Terms: Quotes are based upon information provided. If Info provided is not accurate, it is understood that the freight Class, NMFC# & Rate may change. LTL quotes are based upon the shipper using the Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation MC-550730 supplied Bill of Lading. If the shipper uses their own B/O/L, Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation MC-550730 reserves the right to be removed from the transaction with collect charges billed to the consignee. Unless payment for services is otherwise agreed upon, all rates are based on receiving payment within 21 days of the invoice. 


Disclaimer: Brokerage, Carrier and its affiliated companies are duly licensed by the appropriate governmental bodies either to perform interstate transportation services as a motor carrier or to arrange for transportation services by other authorized motor carriers as a broker. Pursuant to the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, when carrier transports shipper’s cargo on vehicles owned by or leased to carrier, such transportation service is provided by Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation MC-550730 or Renegade Heavy Haul MC-343884 under its motor carrier authority. Otherwise, when transportation of shipper’s cargo occurs by third party motor carrier, such transportation service is provided by Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation under its broker authority number MC-550730.